After School Programs


After School Mission Statement


Our goal is to bring the community together while providing a safe and engaged environment for all students to learn and grow positively.


 2:30pm Dismissal
 3:00pm to 3:20pm Snack
3:20pm to 4:00pm  Lightning Squad
4:00pm to 4:05pm  Transition
4:04pm to 4:55pm  Homework
 5:00pm to 5:45pm Enrichment 
 5:45pm to 5:55pm Clean up
 5:55pm to 6:00pm Transition to Sign out Room
12:00pm Dismissal
12:00pm to 12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm to 1:15pm Teambuilding
1:15pm to 1:55pm Homework
1:55pm to 2:00pm Transition
2:00pm to 2:55pm Enrichment 1 (K-2 Movie)
3:00pm to 3:20pm Snack
3:20pm to 3:50pm Lightning Squad
3:55pm to 5:00pm
Enrichment 2 (3-5 Movie)
5:00pm to 5:45pm
5:45pm to 5:55pm
Clean up
5:55pm to 6:00pm
Transition to Sign out Room
Ms. S - Arts and Crafts (Kinder)
Ms. H - Arts and Crafts (First)
Ms. B - Computer Club
Ms. M - Yoga Club
Ms. P - Leadership
Ms. Chavez - S.T.E.M.